-Is everything you have on the site?

Yes! Everything that arrives we post on the website!

-Are the shoes from the same collection in Brazil?

Yes!!!! Always current collection!

-Can sizes vary?

Yes! It is always good to pay attention to the notes of each product in the advertisement on the site.

-Can you order?

No! The collections are planned and we do not work with this format.

-Can you pay in reais in Brazil?

No! Only in dollar through the site!

-Do you exchange product from other stores?

It is not recommended that multi-brands exchange products from Brazil.

-Can you pay in installments?

Yes!!! By shopay you share in 4x.

-Are you in Orlando?

Yes! But only storage. We don't have a physical store.

-Where is the physical store located?

We only have storage. Sales are always online.

-Can I try before I buy?

It depends… contact us and we will do our best to answer you there.


Still have any doubts?

Contact us by email: sales@lefeth.com

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