All products that are returned to our Logistics Center undergo an analysis, all to ensure that the footwear returns to stock in perfect condition, so if the consumer receives a product with indications of use, he must immediately photograph it and enter in contact by phone 407-844-8457, before any return to our Logistics Center.

The postage of the product must be made at a post office, using the postage code that will be sent by e-mail. This post will be free for you! The postage made in disagreement with this orientation, that is, sent directly by the consumer without the reverse code, will not have the cost of the refund refunded!

The postage must be made within 07 calendar days after receipt by e-mail. If not, the code will be canceled, as will your exchange request.

The purchase voucher will be made available upon confirmation of receipt of the original product at our logistics center.

Products that are sent in bad condition will be sent back to the customer, without prior notice. In this case, the EXCHANGE request will be CANCELED.

It is important to remember that, we do not exchange products purchased from physical stores or multi-brand representatives, who in turn are also not allowed to accept exchanges for products purchased on our website.

Although we use the term EXCHANGE, this process is UNAVAILABLE on our website, but very soon you can request the EXCHANGE of the product purchased by another, of the same model, in a different number. At this time, the exchange option is met with the release of a purchase voucher.

If you want to modify or cancel your return order, please contact us so we can manage it.

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