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The mules returned with full force, to offer authenticity to their composition. the mule model in varnish, has a rubber sole, fine toe with gold finish. this shoe is a wild card, because it can be used in compositions with jeans, skirts, tailoring, shorts and dresses. Fever in the 90s, the mule is a model of footwear that leaves the heel out and can have the front open or closed. It is that versatile model that has gained new models and guarantees authenticity in its productions. Those responsible for introducing the trend back to the market were the brands Gucci and Prada, and since then they have become the newest darlings of fashionistas. Mules can be found in the most varied models, with or without heels, worked in embroidery, metallized, minimalist black, printed, transparent, with a pointed tip, among other details. In addition they go well with midi skirts, pants, shorts, dresses, in short they are perfect to guarantee a look full of style and authenticity, making the productions much more interesting.